Raiffeisen Banking Group Organisation

The Raiffeisen Banking Group is structured in three tiers:

  1. Independent and local Raiffeisen banks form the first level.
  2. The eight regional headquarters form the second level. The Raiffeisen banks of a federal state are owners of their respective regional headquarters.
  3. The third level is formed by Raiffeisen Bank International AG (RBI). It is the central institution, and acts as a service unit for the Raiffeisen Group in Austria.

    RBI owns the largest network in Central and Eastern Europe of all Austrian banks (calculated share of RLB OÖ: 9.53%). In Austria, RBI specialises in commercial and investment banking, serving the country's top 1000 companies. RBI sees itself as the corporate finance bank for this customer group, and as a leading provider of export financing.

The three tiers co-operate on the basis of the subsidiarity principle:


Structure of the Raiffeisen Banking Group


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